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all time, in your life!!!

Ok, I’ve just browsed a list of the most influential writers of all time and honestly there were no surprises.  Topping the list was good ole Bill … Shakespeare and honestly, I don’t know ten other people who actually understand his work, or the King James bible for that matter. Another obvious entry was Homer, I don’t know too many people who weren’t forced to read the Iliad and Odyssey. Of course there were some Russians in the mix, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy the kings of long drawn out but beautifully written exposition, thank goodness contemporary literature has saved us at least 6 months of our lives by cutting some of that out. I mean it’s beautiful but ain’t nobody got time for a ten minute description of a chandelier, I’m talking to you Feodor!

There’s also Austen and Melville,  Conrad and Fielding, Browning and Wolf, Shelley squared and Tu Fu… just to name a few, LOL Fu, few, get it??? Ok, that totally was not funny, but I tried. And of course, there’s Wilde and one of my favorite authors( not that I don’t like any of the above cause I do, they’re legends)  – the ultimate, the incomparable, the insane Poe!!! Love that guy!

So what is exactly is the point of this post? This list, is awesome, it really is. There are no authors on it that I haven’t been forced to read and enjoy.  Thing is, I’m a half insane writer myself, so this list for me is adequate, but how about for you?

Who do you think are some of the most influential writers of all time?


I wrote this while watching a Lifetime Movie starring Kristen Dunst – “Fifteen and Pregnant”.  Its a reflection of the issues in the movie, but also a reflection of the times that I should have listened to my mother.  And while I cannot possibly know or understand the burden of teen pregnancy, I did my best to portray the fear one must feel in such a situation.

And to my mother, I love you more than words can possibly express. For every time you didn’t say “I told you so”, I thank you for your unyielding patience.


 my shoelaces…

caked with mud-

sweat and blood.


my cry for help

no one can hear-

burden I bear.


my stubbornness

against mother’s advice

my will despite.


my only regret

no hand to squeeze

left alone with a seed.


my labored heart

he is coming

death for life – sacrifice gone running.


my shoelaces

like my life


-Copyright 2012 C. Dominique Gibson

In honor of my Muse, who has been highly resistant to my attempts to win her favor again, I’ve decided to do the most contrived, predictable thing and listen to British alternative Rock Band, Muse – ALL DAY!!! And to top off my heavy serving of corniness, I’m listening to “The Resistance”. Hopefully she will stop evading me.

Due to the success of that old flash fiction piece I dug up, I discovered a tiny snippet of verse dedicated to my muse hidden in some folder labeled “poetry” on my hard drive.  It’s amazing what you find when you aren’t really looking.  Happy Monday and Happy Fourth to all my American friends!

In Longing of Movement

Back against the wall

A spectator of my own life

My current disposition, not my own doing

These choices made for me

Sometimes my mind lets me roam freely through its halls

To linger in its garden of possibilities

It is there that I find her, the creative goddess of thought.

I talk to my muse

She sits by the fountain of innovation…

There is where I bow in hopes she might inspire me.

© Copyright 2011 C. Dominique Gibson