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So Sunday night, I was in the lab- you know – making science happen.Β Β I meanΒ SCIENCE WAS HAPPENING!

… and then the power went out.

Science stopped, science is still stopped. Power going out, machines powering down too fast because generators aren’t cutting in are bad. Bad for science.

For a moment, I thought, HOLY S&^#$!Β  I broke something!Β  Imagine my compounded relief and sadness when I went outside and discovered that half of the city was out too.Β  So if I didn’t break it, who the hell did?

Apparently there was a fire at a substation near campus and about 8,000 people were without power.Β  This included students who lived in the dorms and near campus.

What was so extraordinary about this massive F-up?

Watching the mass exodus of Boilermakers and Boilermaker fans from their homesΒ  to the nearest bars with power so that they could watch Purdue face off against Kansas.

While the spectacle was nothing like the black out in New York City back in 2003, it was still awesome to see.

In the end, now that I think about it, maybe the power going out had a purpose – to spare Purdue fans the agony of defeat, and such a close game too.Β  Sigh… there’s always next year Boilermakers, we got this.

BTW: I didn’t even watch the game…