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As a humble graduate student, going to the movies is like a mini-vacation from lab work, classes and pulling my hair out.  I perused the movie listings recently to see what movies I’d be interested in seeing for my upcoming movie trip.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that Titanic was re-released…

My initial reaction was WHY?

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not a fan of Titanic.  Any of my friends can tell you about the monumental rants that have been spurred by the mere mention of the movie title. Besides being half a day long, the first half of the movie is an over-extension of a love story we’ve seen a million times.  Even in Austen and Bronte adaptations, the protagonists get some play in decent amount of time which is about an hour and fifty-five minutes.  In Titanic it took about three hours. 

Only in the last twenty minutes does the ship actually go down. Honestly, that part should have been extended. I talked to a friend the other day who was in complete agreement with me  then told me that when they first watched Titanic it was on VHS and there were two tapes.  He only watched the second one.

Alright, I realize this is turning into a rant.  But I often wonder what was so special about this movie that it had to take up space in a theater that could have housed two other films I haven’t seen or sworn off watching again forever.

So, I want to be the bigger person and try to understand the appeal of this movie. The only thing worth noting besides the demise of the ship, was Leo DiCaprio who up until this movie, I thought was Devon Sawa (he is still hot, hotter actually.  He got even better looking with age. Leo still isn’t as hot as he is).

Anyway, what I really want to do here, is to ask all the Titanic fans, WHY? Why do you like this film?  For the record,  Leo, Kate and Billy Zane are not appropriate answers.  Otherwise, I promise I will not respond to your answers with rants, unless of course, you mention the equally annoying Cameron film, Avatar.

I will be out of office for a few hours.  Should you need assistance, feel free to send me an email. However, I cannot promise a swift reply.  I will be engrossed in the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Hopefully I shall not cry when some of my favorite characters perish in the final battle.  Please continue to enjoy my blog. Revisit a few posts. I promise great content to come as soon as I recover from my Hogwarts induced-Stupefy– I mean stupor.


P.S. To all the HP haters out there – Expelliarmus – please leave the premises quietly or you shall be escorted away by Hagrid.

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