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I am a big fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. ¬†His “Thank You Notes” sketch is hilarious. ¬†In light of my sincere appreciation of this concept, I have decided to do a “letters” blog sketch of my own.

Facebook may be a cool place for people to hangout (look at other people’s photos), catch up with old friends and family members (not you granny, sorry, having Mummy as a friend is already too weird).

But, it can be quite daunting because even with your privacy cranked up, random people can still send you messages. ¬†I normally don’t check my messages for days, so I sometimes miss important messages from my younger brother who’s attending Uni in Canada and often sends me SOS’s intended for my parents. ¬†However, it never ceases to amaze me that despite my “in a relationship” status and the photo of my extremely handsome boyfriend, men still manage to infiltrate my inbox.

The messages are sometimes polite, slightly disturbing, and occasionally downright disgusting. ¬†So I started posting rejection letters on my wall. ¬†It had such a great response that I’ve decided to run them here on my blog. ¬†I know you must be concerned about my ability to write rejection letters.

Be not afraid! ¬†Not only do I not have an agent for my literary endeavors (dozens of rejections), but when I thought I wanted to be a physician, I applied to twelve schools – I got into two! ¬†Don’t worry, my ego snapped back when I got accepted to the only two PhD programs I applied to this year.

Today’s rejection letter goes out to Mr. “Igot Wot-UNeed”.

Dear Mr. Igot Wot-UNeed,

After carefully considering your research proposal and reviewing the relevant literature, we have concluded that “biological clock re-setters” are not conducive to women in serious relationships. ¬†Biological clock stoppers are already in place and we have expert staff already working on maintenance. ¬†In light of this, we cannot accept your application for potential husband and father. ¬†But we do wish the best in your search for a good wife, and potential mother of your children.


Admissions Board