As usual, I was at work pretty late last night, flushing vials and working in the laminar flow hood (microbiologists everywhere know what this is), listening to music but completely oblivious to my playlist because I was so consumed by my work.  While I was on the last sample, I realized that I must have been listening to the same song for about 26 minutes. I looked at my iPod to see if the song had been on repeat and was shocked to find that it was not on repeat but simply not over yet.  It was a Crystal Method techno smash up of something and it was about 40 minutes long. I was like WTF?

It’s like those annoying kiddie songs you sung in primary (grade-middle) school – like “The Song That Never Ends” type BS.  And I’ve found that those cool techno/dance songs that play in night clubs pretty much never end. They only end because the DJ cuts them or runs them into some equally disturbing and unbearably long tune.  See, techno is fine for the first three minutes for me or if I’m exercising, after that I feel like I should be on something, opiates or bath salts (shout out to the Zombiepocalypse!!!).  I can’t imagine that someone has a playlist full of this stuff and actually listens to it.

Anyway – What’s more important, is how in the world did it get on my iPod?



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