Sour Puss: Top Five Sour Candy Brands

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Adventures in PhD Land, Humor, Weird Things While Studying
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So, I don’t really dig sweets all that much.  But if I have to consume sugar in infinite quantities, it’d have to be of the sour variety.  Because I’m buried up to my ears in school work, I’ve brought in the heavy artillery to get things done – a heaping pile o sour gummy worms. In honor of this fetish, I’ve listed my top five favorites.

5.) Sour Belts

Pros: These things rate a 9 on the Sour Scale…

Cons: The sour only lasts about 5 seconds.

from Dylan’s Candy Bar Store

4.) Sour Skittles 

Pros: Scores a 7 on the Sour Scale and the sour lasts about 30 seconds.

Cons: Don’t eat the whole bag which is difficult since they only put 10 pieces in the bag, it’ll cut your mouth up and %&*$ up your stomach!


3.) Warheads

Pros: Scores an 8 on the Sour Scale and there’s lots in the bag.

Con: They’re wayyyy to hard to find now. Hell, do they even make these anymore???

from per3

 2.) Sour Patch kids

Pros: They score an 8.5 on the Sour Scale, there are tons in the bag, and thecommercials are hilarious!

Cons: They’re way too sweet after the sour, and gummy.


1.) Crybabies 

Now, if you were born post 1989, you probably have no idea what Crybabies are because you were too damned young to have had any.  But I’ll have you know, Crybabies stood up to their name.

Pros: A whopping 9.5 on the Sour Scale.  Sour lasted for about 1.5 minutes if not longer and once you got to sucking all of that away, you got to the chewing gum.

Cons: These really cut your mouth up.  Not like you cared anyway, you probably ate your dinner’s worth of Crybabies.  Another con, the gum had no flavor after two chews. But again, who cares? You only popped another one or two in your mouth anyways!


Sometimes it pays being a sour puss!

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