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This Haiku…

the quiet west was won
I stole it back from those nuts
now they are bitching…

To be honest I think they’re still salty 😅😅😅😅😅

This B is Just Plain Evil!!!

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CDominique Gibson:

This is a classic, I have to bring this back up.

Originally posted on C. Dominique Gibson:

LOL! Gotcha again!  The things I have to do to get people to read my blog.  But you’re here and that makes me happy!

Today, we discuss a necessary component in a good story, the antagonist, also known as the enemy, nemesis, frenemy, etc.

Traditionally, an antagonist is usually an actual individual. ¬†But the enemy can be the protagonist‚Äôs environment, their situation and sometimes an inanimate object. Tolkien does crap tons of this in LOTR. While Sauron is the ultimate enemy throughout the trilogy, Frodo is also tormented by his environment and the heavy burden of carrying the ring. ¬†In fact, after reading LOTR for the¬†eightieth time, I asked myself, is the ring itself the actual antagonist? ¬†I mean Sour ‚Äď Sauron, was as much under the spell of the ring as everybody else. ¬†But we can argue this all day, point is, the antagonist is not always apparent or‚Ķ

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While I rejoiced at the fact that four actors where nominated for films that chronicle the life and times of two very notable scientists, Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking, I can’t help but agree with the sentiments of Black Twitter and proponents of diversity in the Academy.

It’s very eerie, a very strange feeling to realize that Selma was pretty much snubbed on the would be 86th birthday of the most notable Civil Rights Activist of the 20th Century.

I attended a lecture yesterday by Professor Marc Lamont Hill. Dr. Hill stressed how Dr. King not only spoke for the disenfranchised, no matter their race, but he first LISTENED. He considered the experiences of all people he came in contact with. And yet, a lot of us, have not learned from his example. I’ve had people who I once respected, lambaste me on my FB wall, for being empathetic and listening to the plights of the people, mostly Women and POC that I’ve come into contact with. They’ve marginalized my experience so that they could defend their positions. It’s sad, it breaks my heart, because it made me feel like that didn’t matter. As if these small injustices were ok if I could enjoy the half assed bounty and promise that everyone thinks is enough.

It’s so typical now, I laugh at it from time to time but back to Oscar.

The Oscar Nominations feature all white actors and actresses vying for the coveted gold statuettes. And while I am happy with the nominations of Benedict and Eddie because honestly those roles had to be difficult to sit in. The people they emulated are eccentric and complex and extraordinary. What I couldn’t ignore though, was the absence of David Oyelowo and the presence of Bradley Cooper? WTF? If I see him or Jennifer Lawrence playing themselves in film one more time…

Anyway, more importantly, #OscarsSoWhite is not solely about the lack of black representation at the Academy Awards, it’s about the lack of Asian, Native American, Chicano, Latino, and Hispanic representation. Where are the stories about these eccentric, complex and fascinating individuals that are being made but aren’t being seen or heard. Why are we not Listening?

The last Asian to be nominated for acting was Ken Watanabe in a supporting role.

I’d have loved to see Michael Pena (Love him) nominated for Cesar Chavez, or his supporting role in Fury.

It’s very disturbing that as diverse as the world is, Hollywood continuously forgets about other ethnicities when it’s time to hand out accolades.

I’ve heard someone say but that’s what Bollywood Awards, BET Awards, Black Reel, Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards are for.

See this would be all great and cool. Except, White people win those too.


End Transmission

I haven’t blogged in over a year. I should care that I haven’t but to be honest, grad school doesn’t allow much time for focused thought outside of academia. I’ve been experiencing physical exhaustion and brain fatigue for the past two years.
I may look at my novels every once and a while and add maybe 3 sentences, but that’s about it. I spend the rest of my time doing mindless things like working out so I stay relatively healthy, making sure I don’t miss my online retail therapy sessions ( is a rabbit hole of cheap shit I don’t really need), binge watching TV shows (Netflix , A-Prime and Hulu are time thieves. I hate them all), and drinking myself into oblivion.
I’m not going to pretend like some good stuff didn’t happen this year. Good things happened, they just happened to other people. Lots of friends got engaged, had babies, got promotions, bought houses, published books yada yada.
Look, I’m happy for you all. I’m just a little miffed that my life stopped so I could do science, and “solve problems”. Heh, I asked myself so many times why I thought this was a good idea. I mean yay to personal development but nay to me realizing that I’m a hopeless empath. Yea, I’m one of these people who cares too effing much about the survival of the human race. Turns out most of the human race doesn’t care… Ok Ok- that was a bit dramatic and extreme.
Some good things happened to me too. They may appear to be simple or mundane things or like they happened to other people. But they were the good things that made my year worth while. ¬†They were the moments that kept me going and the reasons I’ll always appreciate the people that made them happen.
I shall then,  list them in order of whence they occurred (or when I think they did):
When my favorite bro – dude N- Shoaf passed his masters thesis and officially got the hell out of Dodge! This gave me hope that one day I may be so fortunate as to get out too!
IMG_1428When we won the Rainbow 5K.
Brunch with this lovely girl.
Or when the Executive Producer of Devious Maids sent me this throw.
IMG_1648 IMG_1646
That¬†morning while at the farmer’s market – this epic coincidence happened with one of my fav people – love this lady!
Or when Mosey turned into joy and joy turned into this marvelous photo!
My adopted kid- a – roo Livi Mill passed her thesis and went on to much greener pastures on the West Coast. Wonder when she’ll open up her bar!
He who welcomes all with open arms also moved on to greener pastures in the exact same state where my fav bro-dude and kid a roo also now reside. What happened later was the most awesome and envious reunion ever. Hi Isaac!
Or this 4th of July Weekend!
This chill and beautiful lady  became a Doctor of Philosophy and went over to Europe where I can crash at her place if I ever make it to EGU.
Or chillin with this guy!
Wait for it, this is gonna be good, I WENT HOME! Hung out with my mum and fav cousin Nads, took an after church(I do this for my daddy. I’m a daddy’s girl, sue me!) selfie with my pops, de-tangled my best friends hair, took a selfie with Cuzzie Kent, ¬†took an awesome selfie and successfully ate Nassau!
I became free of the chains of the creamy crack and chopped off all them straight ends. Ugh, those edges though, but Hulk Muscle Tee again and a fan oogling me in the background.
I also took a¬†photo of this art. ¬†I don’t know what they call it, but I call it the spirit of Junkanoo because that’s what it is to me.
When I met two Bahamians who also thought grad school was a good idea. Here’s the kicker, I met them in West Lafayette and the Big 10 Grad Expo!
I went out with Eric and Chris then this photo in which Eric is clearly the star happened.
This all time fastest run happened!
This dude B-RAD is on TV!
Or this reunion!
My Halloween Costume Rocked! And Wendy And Josh!
Coffee with these loves. Fushy is so adorbs!!!

And Walter White and Storm Troopers!
Hog ROASTIN! (one of the few time panorama works!)
I got all my enzyme assays done so I got a tattoo (Sorry Mummy)! Neruda, Soneto 17 last stanza.
Then my Birthday Bar Crawl Happened. I have no photos but apparently I had a good time. I don’t remember having a good time but this guy came from across the pond just so I didn’t have to remember anything or walk home (:-|).
One of my good friends decided I should have my X-mas wish of owning an ugly chemistry X-mas sweater. Thanks D! You are one of the great uns!
 ugly sweater
All of this was fine and dandy but then today, I woke up in the mind set that I was going to two-strand twist my hair. But then I realized that I had to de-tangle this mess. I mean who the hell thought this was a good idea? I am not about this life. So I de-tangled it and decided on going fro. I mean real fro. But you know what’s so cool about going fro for me? The fact that I look like this guy even more.

My Daddy!


So yea, maybe 2014 wasn’t so bad. I’m actually kinda sorta looking forward to 2015. My best bud and lab partner will get the hell outta Dodge thus motivating me more to do the same. ¬†It will take me into my last year of grad school. I might actually have time to get a novel query to a publisher or agent. Hashtag: Pitmad I’m looking at you! And who knows, maybe I can actually see myself living life rather than watch it happen to other people.
Credit to the owner

Credit to the owner- link embedded

Best of wishes to all my readers for the New Year! Hope you don’t set too many redundant and ridiculously unattainable goals for 2015. Pace yourselves.

2013 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Looking back to 2004 when I first left for Nashville to attend university, my greatest fear was getting a roommate who would “chop me to pieces after they roofied me, put my body parts into plastic bags, and bury said body parts all over the South”. ¬†This not so irrational fear was an echo of my mother’s fear as a parent sending her precious offspring to school in the United States where 9-11 happened, where Columbine happened, and where VA-Tech would happen. ¬†As televised, the US just seemed to be the most dangerous place to be. ¬†Reports of lax gun laws, mass murders, and drug wars made me look to my home country as a safe haven. ¬†But looking through my Facebook stream this morning which had previously been bombarded by confirmation of the 2013 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade victors, I’m not so sure anymore.

Just last night, someone, or some people, gunned down a play ground and Junkanoo shack, their unprejudiced bullets hitting 7 people. ¬†That’s right, bullets don’t discriminate, they can harm anyone and anything, unless the shooter has a good aim and an intended target. ¬†But a lot of these punks, yes punks, don’t know how to shoot a gun properly so they spray about 10 people in the process, mostly because they themselves are afraid of the gun’s “recoil”. ¬†So they shoot BLINDLY. ¬†They have no respect for the weapons they wield, or the lives that they take with them. But how in the hell have we gotten to this point? ¬†How has the Bahamas, my little island home, managed to drown itself in this violent gun culture?

FACT: 2013 will go down in Bahamian history, not because of the achievements of it’s people, but because of it’s rate of violent crime per capita. This is not something I am proud of. ¬†So I have to ask, what’s wrong with my country?

A lot of my fellow schoolmates, friends, family members are asking others to stop blaming the government and law enforcement. ¬†I agree, to an extent. ¬†The government now, and governments past have had a hand to play in all of this. But not the hand you think. ¬†As much as we should like to blame the generation Y through generation Abbreviation (they just refuse to spell things out, part of what’s wrong with the world), I have to think that this problem started a long long time ago, probably around the late 70’s, when we (the government) decided that in order to grow economically, we needed to have all the things that other 1st world countries enjoyed. We needed to be consumers, and by consuming, we are able to compete. ¬†But the problem with consuming is that you need to PRODUCE to CONSUME.

Tell you two stories, then I’ll make a point, I promise.

A few years ago, my cousin Nadia and I went to Junkanoo in June in Freeport, Grand Bahama. ¬†We stopped to a local Chicken Shack one (for all my foreign friends, its like fast food, you walk up to a window, order food like chicken and fries, cracked conch, lobster, ect). ¬†While waiting for our food, we sat down cause it was hot and I was feeling lazy. Anyway, not too long after I sat down. Some guy, older cat, probably about 29-32 years old but alcohol, and “that hard knock life” ran him down so he looked to be about 40, started talking to me. ¬†He told me how he could send me to school cause he was so rich, from “running these streets” and tried to give me 50$. ¬†I of course, politely told him “No, thank you, I am already in school, I got ¬†a loan, I worked hard, saved money and my parents help”. ¬†This for some reason pissed him off. ¬†It made me wonder what women were bamboozling this guy into thinking that a 50$ contribution was enough for school. ¬†That couldn’t even buy me a used O-chem text book off of Ebay, but I digress. ¬†He looked at my watch, it was a Guess watch that I bought on sale for maybe 70$, and asked “Das a gucci watch aye?”. ¬†I respond, “No, its a Guess watch. I can’t afford Gucci.” He says: “Well I guess I was just guessing.”

That was actually pretty funny.

But I got up to get my food, and heard him shout, “Well carry ya 2$ outfit then!” I couldn’t help but to inform him that it didn’t even cost me that because I caught the 99 cent sale at Wet Seal. ¬†This pissed him off even more. ¬†I’m not ashamed of cheap outfits. I’m quite frugal.

The point here is that this guy was about 10 or more years older than me, and he thought that money, and luxury goods were somehow a measure of the value of obviously himself, and everyone around him. ¬†At that point I was already too comfortable with myself and who I was to be worried about what I paid for my clothes. ¬†Why? Because your body changes, you get fat, you lose weight, you fill out, or get fit, and your clothes don’t fit or become warn, then you discard them or make something new from them. ¬†This is especially true in this day and age where very few items are handmade, and not manufactured in sweat shops so the quality SUCKS ASS.

Anyways, in general, who you are doesn’t change dramatically unless something dramatic happens. ¬†You normally hold on to a set of ideals your whole life. ¬†But not these people. ¬†They’ve been enticed by a culture of excess. This life of over-consumption where desire and need become confused very easily. ¬†The problem here again though, is that in order to CONSUME, you have to PRODUCE and these people produce by any means necessary, taking a life is a small price to pay for a Lexus, Rolex, or Air Jordans.

My second story is a Facebook story. ¬†Some guy in my feed was ranting about people who only make 150$ ¬†“flossing” like they are “ballers”. ¬† First thing is, I barely made out what this guy was saying because I don’t speak the same English he does. ¬†There were words missing entire syllables but I got the gist of his argument. ¬†Of course, me, being the troublemaker I am, said something a long the lines of ¬†“What does it matter how much money a person makes, as long as it is an honest living?”. ¬†He went off of course about how I needed to learn to read, and they he was saying they need to only celebrate when they “got their paper up” and not a moment before. ¬†I politely un-friended his ass. I don’t want silly people in my stream spewing vitriol to good, hard-working Bahamians, no matter how much money they do or don’t make. You see, I think that a person should be proud of being paid for their work. ¬†A low wage is nothing to be a shamed of if its EARNED wage. ¬†The low wage is a reflection of the employer and the labor laws that govern said employer.

Anyway, point here again is the valuation of the quantity of money versus the quality of the work done to obtain said money. ¬†If this is the kind of pressure being placed on the average human being of average integrity, then imagine the pressure being placed on those people who subscribe to the media’s portrayal of excess and what makes who popular and why. ¬†There are people from good homes with awesome parenting who get tempted by the lifestyle of the rich and famously excessive consumers when they start working high income jobs, in certain financial districts. They start to live way above their means and then Ponzi schemes of Madoff proportions are dreamed up in desperation, or worse greed.

Is this really what we want from people?  Is this really what we expect from them?  What happened to appreciating people for their character and how hard they work, versus what they have?

The valuation of the person over their possessions starts, as most of my classmates and friends would put it, starts at home. ¬†When parents teach their children the difference between need and desire, when they teach them that what you have doesn’t define who you are, when they teach them that things have far more worth when you work for them rather than when you take, appropriate, steal, cheat and lie for them, then this problem of over-consumption might just go away. ¬†Maybe people will start ignoring commercials that tell you “YOU NEED A BENZ” to be respected. ¬†Maybe people will start buying things of quality that were made to last rather than to coerce you into buying the upgrade.

I’m not saying that consuming less, and living more simply will stop violent crime. It can’t. ¬†Even if all is done right, there will still be teen pregnancy, rapists, ¬†and psychopaths. ¬†But maybe if people didn’t feel the need to impress by having lots, they might see the value in education and personal development and these things would occur far less. ¬†Let’s be real, these people aren’t killing for food, water or a roof over their heads. ¬†They’re killing because they think that by having what you’ve worked hard for, they will be someone.

BTW: All the countries that appear to have their shit together agree on one thing, in order to have a productive people, you need an EDUCATED and PHYSICALLY ACTIVE people.


Yes, the holiday season is upon us and while people get amped up on sugar and alcohol preparing to madly rush into department stores, malls, ¬†and grocery stores just ¬†to make this season “bright”, they also take the time out of their “busy” schedules waiting in line or refreshing their browsers to complain. ¬†So, in the spirit of appreciation which is celebrated by who can give the best gift, and the worst, I’ve decided to share some of the things I like and loathe about the holidays each day leading up to New Year’s. ¬†In the spirit of giving, I’ll also provide a reason I should be thankful anyway regardless of my First World issues with the holidays.

Today I’ll start with one of the things I appreciate most about spending the holiday season so close to the Great Lakes.

I ¬†appreciate the change in seasons, from Fall to Winter. ¬†Yeah, I know I hail from tropical climes, but I just like that it gets really cold, and that the leaves change color and then fall and then everything gets all desolate looking. ¬†It actually feels like Christmas is coming and the spirit of celebrating with lots of food and booze is in the air. ¬†Who wouldn’t get excited by the prospect of preventing frostbite with good Brandy or Bourbon?

So what then could possibly be  my First World problem with the holidays?


While some people would argue that I have a legitimate reason to be peeved about this, there are some people out there who don’t have the luxury of choosing to forgo their heating during the cold months because they’ve had to choose between food or electricity. Yeah, that’s pretty extreme but sobering. ¬†KillJOY :-|. On that note, I’ll just call it a wrap and end post here but do feel free to join in and tell me your joys and pet peeves about The Season.

Happy Holidays!

– Management

all time, in your life!!!

Ok, I’ve just browsed a list of the most influential writers of all time and honestly there were no surprises. ¬†Topping the list was good ole Bill … Shakespeare and honestly, I don’t know ten other people who actually understand his work, or the King James bible for that matter. Another obvious entry was Homer, I don’t know too many people who weren’t forced to read the Iliad and Odyssey. Of course there were some Russians in the mix,¬†Dostoevsky¬†and Tolstoy the kings of long drawn out but beautifully written exposition, thank goodness contemporary literature has saved us at least 6 months of our lives by cutting some of that out. I mean it’s beautiful but ain’t nobody got time for a ten minute¬†description¬†of a chandelier, I’m talking to you Feodor!

There’s also Austen and Melville, ¬†Conrad and Fielding, Browning and Wolf, Shelley squared and Tu Fu… just to name a few, LOL Fu, few, get it??? Ok, that totally was not funny, but I tried. And of course, there’s Wilde and one of my favorite authors( not that I don’t like any of the above cause I do, they’re legends) ¬†– the ultimate, the¬†incomparable, the insane Poe!!! Love that guy!

So what is exactly is the point of this post? This list, is awesome, it really is. There are no authors on it that I haven’t been forced to read and enjoy. ¬†Thing is, I’m a half insane writer myself, so this list for me is adequate, but how about for you?

Who do you think are some of the most influential writers of all time?




Since you’re feeling rebellious and came to this post anyway, I will proceed with my post.

Maintaining valued friendships are difficult enough without the added stress of some sort of drama.  I think nothing is more confusing and or stressful than when someone tries to leave the friend zone to cross over into dating territory.  And while this view seems one-sided, its probably equally stressful for both parties.

While some people may welcome this transition, especially if being just friends was never their intention.  However, for those of us who really just wanted to be friends, this sort of situation introduces a whole lot of awkwardness and strain that a friendship may not be able to recover from. So what is the resistant party to this change supposed to do? Let me know, take the poll or just leave a comment


… is my short story The Band’s All Here¬†for the low price of $0.99 on Amazon! ¬†Ok, so I know I also said it was the perfect naughty X-mas gift but really it is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day (Naughty Nights)! ¬†So, just in case you needed some creative ideas of things to do in that lovely new lace, leather, whip creamed ensemble, check out my short story! Not only would you be getting some (thing) extra special, you’d be helping out a starving graduate student with dreams of Stephen King, Ed Poe and Virginia Wolfe type fame (minus the addictions and mental illness).


P.S.  Reviews are most welcomed!